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Worlds fattest kid: This 10-year-old boy weighs 192 kg, is a tourist attraction

by Qunki Team | wtf
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This 10-year-Old Indonesian boy, Arya Permana , is the worlds fattest kid, weighing 192 kg. Every day, he eats five meals of rice, along with beef, fish, vegetable soup along with traditional soy patty, the amount of food that is enough for two adults.


Arya lives with his parents in West Java province, Indonesia. He has to sleep with his head leaned to facilitate breathing, since he has trouble breathing like a normal human being. This, however, gave him a permanent bruise on his forehead.


He also had to drop out of school because of his condition. He can only wear a sarong because nothing else fits him anymore.


Local reports also suggest that people often come to his village to see the fattest boy on earth. Unfortunately, he has become a tourist attraction.


During the holy month of Ramadan, Arya even fasted for half a day but he experienced severe stomach pains, and he had to break his fast.


Earlier, Arya's parents kept him on a strict diet of brown rice after doctors warned them that this condition could be fatal


However, this month, a doctor from a hospital declared him healthy. This left Arya's mother, Rokayah, both shocked and confused.

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