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These 6 babies who Made Headlines 6 Years Ago Are Again In News. Checkout Why!

by Qunki Team | parenting and family
Home > parenting and family > These 6 babies who Made Headlines 6 Years Ago Are Again In News. Checkout Why!

Years ago a photo was in headlines. Years later, its recreation is in headlines. This is beautiful

5 McGhee Family

You probably remember this picture that went viral on the Internet about six years ago. At that time, social media wasn't that popular yet. Still, that picture received a lot of attention and was shared a lot.

This picture is of the McGhee family, and now they are once again in the news. Keep on reading to know the reason.

4 The Proud Parents

This picture is of Mia and Rozonno McGhee, taken recently. They are the parents of the sextuplets who were born six years ago, and that cute photo shoot completely melted our hearts.

Now, the family has once again recreated another picture, which has received a lot of attention.

3 The Best Couple?

The children have grown up now and they have begun their own reality show. The show is named Growing Up McGhee and has already gained several fans in a short period of time.

The story mainly focuses on their lives how the couple met each other in high school, how they tackled the emotional and physical abuse of their family histories and still remained strong even after many several miscarriages. This show has been a huge hit so far, and we hope that it continues to be even more successful in the future, because they are definitely one of the best families ever seen.

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2 The Recreated Picture

The family decided to give their fans a surprise by posting a new picture. This picture isn't just a random picture; its the same picture that got so much love six years ago.

They decided to recreate the same photo and take a look at the picture now.

1 Adorable Family


Here is another adorable picture. This picture is so cute and brilliant. This family absolutely deserves all the love and attention they get.

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