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Soldier Found Out His Wife Cheated With 60 Guys – This Is How He Got His Epic Revenge

by Qunki Team | wtf
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An US solder, who goes by the name Frizzmaster on Reddit, discovered that his wife cheated on him with 60 guys. I am pretty sure that anyone, after hearing this, will completely lose their minds initially, and then will probably do anything for vengeance. Keeping your cool in such instances is completely unheard of, but that is what this US soldier did and his way of getting revenge is shocking to say the least! Check out the full story below.

Initially after meeting her, he was completely in love she was everything she wished for caring, sweet and was a great cuddler. Although she didnt like video games, she tried to get interested only because her boyfriend enjoyed it. He referred to her by the name, Thundercunt or TC in this story.

I met her through one of my colleagues, lets call him Battle Buddy or BB. He has no role in this mess-up. I have just finished my work and was taking a break to quench my thirst when I heard him asked other soldiers whether they would like a date the next weekend.

2 We went on a movie date together

Since I knew that BB didnt mess with others, I asked him what was the matter. Turns out he has a female friend who would prefer a date next weekend for a movie. It was a nice experience for both of us, so we continue to date.

Even after several months, I havent even though of marriage, but she started having seizures suddenly. These only happened at night, and my job wouldnt allow me to stay off-post without getting married, and so two weeks later we married.

3 Husband and wife

The good news was that I could sleep beside her to make sure she doesnt get hurt if she has those seizures, moreover, all of her medical costs were covered by my Tricare. Needless to say, we were both very happy.

4 Wife became strange

Soon afterwards, I noticed a few things she often used to take her mother to the doctor, but since she was sick, I wasnt suspicious. Also, she used to go to the Walmart store in next town since the store in their region didnt have what she needed. Also, I often saw her car near other trailers and in different areas. I got unlucky because I was ordered to PCS to Korea, soon after I grew suspicious.

5 I was shocked by what I found

After spending an year in Korea, I was ordered to move to Texas. I was shocked by what I found there. My wife has slept with over 60 women, and the majority of them were soldiers.

She told her family that I was gay and I dont want that to be known in public. That is why, he is sleeping with other men. In simple terms, she was only using me for my paycheck, and then basically sleeping with every male in the world.

2 weeks later, I found that she was pregnant, and she confessed that she has cheated only once. Obviously I wasnt the father, I havent even see her in almost a year. The father was African American, and I wasnt him

6 Another man made her pregnant

After that, I went back to the house and took away all my belonging. I also began divorce proceedings.

I found her new boyfriend in my car, so I took help of my uncle and aunt for getting it back. My uncle stopped his car, asked to see the keys. I was right there at that time. I then removed all of his belongings from my car and drove off.

I came to know later that he had abandoned her. What was shocking was that he not only used my car, but also slept in my house and ate my food and even wore my clothes. Besides, the money I sent her for was used for child support and court.

7 He still remained calm

My lawyer suggested that I file for the claim of the vehicle and property. The judge said that there was nothing that could be done without proof of the paternity of the child. So a new date was set.

After another 3 months, the date came and my lawyer see to have a sparkle in his eyes. He asked TC several questions like When was the child conceived? Who is the father? Where was I at that time. She got cornered and couldnt lie in fear of the repercussions.

She did answer truthfully but also lied about my sexuality and claimed that I was having an affair with her 18 year old cousin.

8 Lots of lies

I have been trained in the military to stay calm at all times, and that is what I did. I just stared at the wall, a little higher than the judges shoulder, and answered every question. I never used any slangs like she did, since I refuse to stoop down to her level.

Finally, the judge asked, before making the final verdict, whether anyone had anything to say. TC tried one last time to convince the judge she said that I was currently living with my uncle and aunt. That was true, since I rented my own apartment and I said yes.

9 The Judge gave the correct verdict

The judge said after taking a hard look at all the evidence, that she was guilty of adultery. She was revoked of all access to my property and vechile and was ordered not to contact me ever again.

I was surprised when she asked the judge where she would go. The judge gave the correct reply, stating that she only has a month to answer that question herself. If she is seen again in his property, she will be arrested.

This story is a proof that no matter what happens, you need to remain calm and true to your principles, and in the endyou will get the correct verdict.

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