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This Home Improvement Fails Will Make You Go Crazy. Take A Look.

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > This Home Improvement Fails Will Make You Go Crazy. Take A Look.

This article lists the top 10 home improvement mistakes of all time. I am sure they will give you a nightmare, especially if you are thinking of doing renovation in the recent future.

10 The Tree

The location of the house is really weird who would want to see such a tree in front of their house? This must be so frustrating.

9 Useless cabinets

I am thinking really hard how these cabinets could be opened, anyone has any idea? Just shows what can happen when you are careless.

8 Invisible Door

Really like this entry, but where is the door? Maybe it is invisible!

7 Cant wrap my head around this

Who can even think of this absurdity? I am pretty sure a portion of the door is cut out, so that means when you sit down to do the deed, others can see you!

6 Calling for an accident

I mean accident is inevitable here you are just calling for it LOUDLY.

5 Shock therapy

This is pretty much the worst placement of a tap, unless you are in for shock therapy.

4 Snowy

This snow doesnt look like a good sign.

3 The Switch Plate

How can people be so careless?

2 Tiles on the roof

I am pretty sure normal people prefer to stay within the house rather than on the roof, so next time, please use those tills in your kitchen instead of the roof.

1 The Only Job

I dont think that there is any other way to fix this now, other than breaking apart the door and replacing it with a new one.

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