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25 Professional Sports Kits That Will Make You Feel Embarrassed In Public

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Uniforms are clothes with a unique design and color to show the professional side that they are representing. But sometimes, designers take these concepts to the extreme which unfortunately turns out to be extremely embarrassing for the person wearing the uniform. Take a look these top 25 most embarrassing professional uniforms of all time.

1 This Deportivo Palencia Balompié of 2016

2 This Texas Longhorns Cheerleaders

3 Colombian Cycling Team

4 San Antonio Spurs (2013-14) We’re all for honoring our veterans. But there’s gotta be a better way than this.

5 The Norwegian Men’s Curling Team (2014 Winter Olympics)

6 Atletico Bilbao (Spanish Soccer)

7 Another Atletico Bilbao jersy (Spanish Soccer)

8 Recreativo de Huelva (Spanish Soccer)

9 Colorado Caribous... why? why?? WHY???

10 Aussie Men Discus

11 Stade Francias (Rugby)

12 Stade Francias (Rugby)

13 San Jose Giants

14 2012 Olympic Silver Medalists

15 1999 Ryder Cup Shirts

16 This women's racing team

17 This swimsuit design

18 Volleyball costumes

19 Colombian men's cycling team

20 Australian men’s sculling team

21 TEAM USA speed skating uniform

22 Mexican National Soccer Team (1994-98)

23 Los Angeles Kings (1996)

24 Mexico’s Olympic Skier (2014)

25 Milwaukee Admirals (2006)

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