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This Basic Math Problem Went Viral Because Most People Can't Solve It

by Qunki Team | puzzles and riddles
Home > puzzles and riddles > This Basic Math Problem Went Viral Because Most People Can't Solve It

People usually say they were good at mathematics till they introduced 'x' and 'y' into it. And most people are really good at basic mathematical problems. But this particular maths problem making everyone go crazy since they can't solve it.

If you think you are good with maths, try solving it

1 Think you can solve this problem?

This might look so simple, but this small problem has been messing with everyone’s minds. Numerous people have failed to solve this problem. Here’s a little general knowledge for you – America’s score is 35 on the list for math knowledge worldwide.

2 Japan

Around 60% twenty-year-olds in Japan have been able to solve this. The shocking part is that this number was 90% in the 1980’s. Let’s give you a hint – at first, you need to transform the fraction into an inline expression.

3 Group

The fraction is the tricky part, so group it together and write it in the way as shown in the picture below.

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4 Divide by 1/3

Basically we are diving 3 with 1/3, which basically translates to 3 multiplied by 3, which gives the result 9.

5 Final answer

So, finally 9-9 is equal to 0, which when added to 1 gives 1, which is the final answer.

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