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Better Way To Eat Your Favorite Food Items!

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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Eating food in the proper way can be considered an art. We usually forks, knives, spoons or even our hands for eating our food items, but we never really think if there are other ways as well.

You could have never imagined that there could be other ways of eating strawberries or Oreos.

The following list consists of 13 food items which you have been eating the wrong way.

1 Tacos

For most people, whenever we try to eat our tacos, the fillings start to fall from the opposite side. There is an excellent solution to this, just ask for a lettuce leaf and wrap the taco around it. Now, your fillings will stay in place.

2 Oreo

Things might get dirty when you dip the Oreos with your fingers, instead use this method and you will never get messy!

3 Hotdogs

Your hotdogs will cook much faster if they are cut in this fashion. Besides, you will find them easier to eat as well.

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4 Strawberries

Who knew a straw can be used to eat a strawberry!

5 Eggs

A brilliant way to keep the eggs in shape.

6 Lemons

This is the best way to squeeze out the maximum juice out of lemons.

7 Popsicle

This is actually a pretty good idea.

8 Toblerone

Hard to imagine that we have been eating this the wrong way too!

9 French Toast

Cereals give the toast a better crunchiness.

10 Noodles in a box

Transform the box into a plate for the noodles.

11 Cupcakes

Hacked indeed!

12 Banana

I had no idea about this.

13 Soda

Soda is supposed to be drunk in this way.

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