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This House is For Sale, Cheap. When You See What Google Maps Caught, You’ll See Why!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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It is a stunning historical property which has been placed on the National Register for Historic Places. This real estate listing boasts of stained glass, hardwood floors, and a beautiful, massive interior. The catch? Its totally haunted!

1 Built in 1880, this Queen Anne style home seems to have everything and then some!

Strangely, this house has been on the market in New York since 2010, and is priced at the unbelievably low amount of $105,000 . . . So why hasnt it sold yet?

2 This mansion hasnt sold because everyone thinks its haunted. Heres why:

In 2013 a Google van captured something sinister in its camera lens, something bad enough to scare away any potential buyer.

3 The Google van pictures revealed ghostly hand prints that had been pressed since the original RE p

And nobody can figure out how exactly the hand prints were made since the house has been totally vacant for years!

4 The house looks beautiful isn't it ?

5 A fireplace

6 Rooms and interior looks beautiful

7 More images






Ghostbusters can find the listing here. And find that suspicious images caught by Google here.

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