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Rare and Unusual Animal Colorations

by Qunki Team | animals and pets
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This world is filled with amazing stuff, and human beings have only discovered a fraction of that. Science has helped us tremendously in becoming what we are today. Still, we dont have any answer to some of the most common phenomenon in this planet. And we are curious about that, and that is what makes us human beings.

This The article consists of a list of unusual and strange animal colourations which is guaranteed to leave you overwhelmed. Enjoy!

1 Spotted Dog of Kalimpong, West Bengal

2 Piebald Moose

3 Piebald Deer Fawn

4 Spotted Dog

Commonly confused with albinism, but leucistic animals will normally have some area on their body that is normal colored (like the eyes, paw pads, and nose for example)

5 Leucistic Turtle

6 Silver Morph Ball Python

7 Rottie with Vitiligo

Not only does the animals skin get discolored, it will spread to the coat as well

8 Sarge, a German Shepherd with Vitiligo

9 A Peacock with partial leucism

10 and another

11 Two color variations seen in a pair of lionesses

Normal (left) and leucistic (left). Note the dark nose and ear spots on the left lion, which means it is leucistic, not albino.

12 Dunbars Gold, a brindle horse

13 A Chimeric Labrador

2 sets of DNA in one animal!

14 and another

15 Melanistic Barn Owl

Basically the counterpoint to leucism, melanism creates a black coloration on an animal. A normal colored Barn Owl can be seen in the background

16 DA Remote Control, a horse with odd markings

17 A regular Cheetah compared to a King Cheetah

Once thought to be a separate species, King Cheetahs are are notable for their much more pronounced spots, many connecting into a striped pattern.

18 A Lesser-Spotted Cheetah

Even more rare than King Cheetahs, these ones have extremely small spots (basically freckles at this point).

19 Macaw with Xanthochromism

Xanthochromism is when an animal has an unusually high pigmentation of yellow.

20 Leopard with very pronounced coat pattern

21 Melanistic Zebra

Melanism effects Zebras in a particular way: instead of a black shade covering the whole body, it only effects the width of the black stripes.

22 And finally: Bettas, natures little fireworks

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